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1. Tips for trips

As a city with a long history, Olomouc has a lot to offer to its visitors. The advantage of the Bellis guesthouse lies in its location in the immediate vicinity of the center – the Lower and Upper square. On the Upper square there is located the Holy Trinity Column, a part of UNESCO world heritage. The Column is the dominating feature of the center, taking the visitors’ breaths away with its majesty. Close to the Column you will also find the famous town hall with astronomical clock. History building enthusiasts shouldn’t miss the Olomouc Castle, situated on Wenceslas Hill.In 1306, the last Přemyslovec, the Czech king Wenceslas III, was assassinated there. Being an important religious city, Olomouc offers its visitors many impressive religious monuments located not only within the city but also in its immediate vicinity. The most famous is probably the Minor Basilica of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, visited by Pope John Paul II in 1995. You will find more about the sights of Olomouc and its vicinity at

However, Olomouc does not forget those who prefer leisure over history. Probably the most popular attraction is the Olomouc ZOO, which you will find on Holly Hill (Svatý Kopeček). You will find more tips for activities at

2. Tips for night life

As a true university town, Olomouc offers a number of possibilities for spending a great night out with friends. All day and night, there is a lot going on in the vicinity of the so-called Water Barracks, which is a preserved part of a fortress from the times of the Empress Maria Teresa just a short walk from the Upper square. There you will find cafés, bars and wine shops, as well as a tempting selection of local and international cuisine in stylish pubs and restaurants. There are also clubs where you can dance until dawn.
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2. Tips for night life

3. Tip for a local delicacy

The most famous product of the local cuisine is Olomoucké tvarůžky. This delicious low-fat cheese with a distinctive scent is offered in many forms by local restaurants; in the arcade of the Olomouc town hall there is even a unique vending machine for this healthy delicacy. The Olomouc area also grows a high-quality hops, so in the city pubs you can taste great beers from local breweries, praised by The Times experts.
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4. Tips for shopping

You will find the closest grocery store, Klárka Grocery Store, in Kateřisnká Street, which is parallel to Šemberova Street. If you follow the Svoboda Street, you will get to the Albert Supermarket. The shopping mall Šantovka is located approximately eight minute walk from the guesthouse.

4. Tips for shopping

5. Tips for sports and culture

Olomouc is also a center of culture, as it offers a number of events, starting from theater performances to a festival dedicated to the local patron saint of the city, Saint Pauline; for more information look at For those not much interested in history or culture, the city offers a variety of sporting activities. Not only in hot days of summer you can visit the Olomouc Aquapark, the right place for a great family fun. For cyclists, there are two main routes – Moravian and Amber. Especially the 37 kilometer long Moravian Route going from Mohelnice to Olomouc is very popular with cyclists.
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6. Post office, ATMs, hospital

You will find two closest ATMs between Lower and Upper square, where the Oberbank and Sberbank ATMs are located. When you turn to the opposite direction to Svoboda Street between Remešova and Aksamitová Street, you’ll find another one – the Fio Bank ATM.

The closest post office is located at the Upper Square, near the Holy Trinity Column.

It takes about 25 minute walk to get to the hospital from the Bellis guesthouse. You’ll walk through Lafayetova Street to Svoboda Street, then turn to Havlíčkova, then Wolkerova and finally Štítného Street. From this street you will get to the hospital.

6. Post office, ATMs, hospital

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